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     The Lourdes-Lok fitting was originally developed, evaluated and tested to meet U.S. Air Force and Pratt & Whitney Engineering requirements and approved for use on the F119-PW-100 Turbofan engine and related systems on the F-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter. Verification/Qualification of the locking integrity of the Lourdes-Lok design included the following criteria:

Fitting Leakage (fitting back-off)
Acoustic Effects
Low Cycle Fatigue
High Cycle Fatigue
Material Wear testing (re-usability)
Damage Tolerance testing
Tube Flexure testing (circular motion)
Extreme Stress Corrosion testing
Thermal Shock testing
Engine System level ground testing
Aircraft Flight testing.
Current applications of the Lourdes-Lok fittings include use on Cres, Titanium and Inconel hydraulic and fuel lines (based on customer’s strength/temperature requirements) and is adaptable to other coupling materials upon request. Particular applications include Engine components and accessories, Turnbuckles, Control Rod assemblies, Borescope Plugs, Coupling Clamps and other linkages of all types.

The following is a partial list of companies currently using Lourdes-LokŪ Lock-Wireless Fittings:
Pratt & Whitney
Hamilton Standard
Parker Hannifin
Parker Aerospace
Allied Signal
United States Airforce
Hughes Treitler
Woodward FST
GEC Marconi

Along with our lock-wireless fittings, Lourdes manufactures a variety of other items, both custom and semi-custom; individual components and complete systems.
Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Fuel Components & Systems
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Manifold Assemblies
Air Dehydrators for Waveguide Systems
Check/Relief Valves
Cartridge Valves
Shuttle Valves
Butterfly Valves
Solenoid Valves
Swivel Assemblies
Drain Valves
Pressure Switches

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