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Cartridge Valves

     Lourdes custom designed and manufactured cartridge valves for military and commercial applications. Found in fuel, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, these valves have demonstrated their extraordinary reliability in a wide variety of environmentally demanding installations on land as well as in the air and at sea. Available in operating pressures to 8000 PSI with a wide range of flow rates and zero leakage. They are constructed in aluminum, stainless or other more exotic materials.

Performance Characteristics

Temperature Range:
     -65 - 400F

Pressure Range:
     0 to 8,000 PSIG

Pressure Drop:

Internal Leakage:
     Zero to 2 cc/min @ 60 PSIG

Environmental Specifications

     Units designed to meet required military specifications for:

  • Vibration (sinusoidal and random)
  • Shock
  • Salt Spray
  • Sand and Dust
  • Humidity
  • Temperature and Altitude

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