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Butterfly Valves

     Lourdes butterfly valves are designed to operate in pneumatic and fuel applications. As such, these valves come in many diverse sizes for activation by gas, air or fuel flow. Lourdes butterfly valves have been used in ground support, shipboard and aircraft systems and can be used in any attitude. They have a low pressure drop irrespective to most environmental conditions and can be built to operate in temperatures of up to 1200°F over a wide pressure range. These valves are made from inconel titanium, stainless steel and aluminum as per the customer's specification.

Performance Characteristics

Temperature Range:
     -65° - 1200°F

Pressure Range:
     0 to 1,000 PSIG

Pressure Drop:

Internal Leakage:
     Gas - zero to 2 lbs/min
     Liquid - zero to 20 cc/min

External Leakage:

Environmental Specifications

     Units designed to meet required military specifications for:

  • Vibration (sinusoidal and random)
  • Shock
  • Salt Spray
  • Sand and Dust
  • Humidity
  • Temperature and Altitude

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