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     Lourdes builds hydraulic, pneumatic and manual assemblies incorporating all of our best technology. They are all custom designed and built to fit the widest conceivable array of applications. The assemblies depicted here are just a few examples to show Their diversity.

Hydraulic Manifold Assembly:

This unit combines a series of solenoid, shuttle, programming, relief and check valves and is used in military ground support system for raising and lowering a missile launcher.

Pneumatic Manifold Assembly:

The unit consists of three identical combinations of valves, filters, and pressure gauges and is used in a pneumatic system.

Pneumatic Tire Deflation Assembly:

This assembly incorporates electro-mechanical assemblies such as a solenoid, pressure switch, slip-ring, bearings, connector and castings and is used to deflate aircraft tire pressure prior to landing.

Mechanical Damage Control Valve:

This shipboard assembly uses a butterfly valve and is employed as a manually controlled valve in damage control systems.

Pneumatic Canopy Seal Assembly:

Used in military aircraft, this assembly combines a solenoid, regulator, relief and check valves to assure airtight seals around cockpit canopies and cabin doors.

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