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    Since 1954 Lourdes Industries has been involved in the manufacture of pneumatic, hydraulic, and fuel components. Today Lourdes is a recognized leader in the broad field of fluid control and monitoring devices. Our expertise spans projects as diverse as the moon lander (LEM) to pressurization of telephone cables systems.

     Lourdes continues to demonstrate an unrivaled commitment to quality by achieving and maintaing registration as an AS9100 and ISO 9001 company since 2005.

     Our aerospace projects cover the commercial and military sectors. Lourdes has fuel valves and braking system components on commercial airlines. We have implemented systems for dehydration of microwave antennas, swivels for the Phalanx weapon systems, manifolds and swivels for the multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), and firing harnesses for the Stinger missile system. Our parts for the military are represented in airborne, shipboard, and land based programs.

      Lourdes telecommunication efforts include the engineering and manufacturing of pressurization and dehydration equipment, distribution panels, UG manifolds and transducers. Our field service professionals install, inspect and repair communication environments from (CEV) manholes to (C.O.) corporate offices in the Northeast. We can also meet your drafting, networking, wiring, splicing, and equipment removal needs.

      We established our Tucson Facility in 1996 to provide dedicated, local, close and direct support to Raytheon Missile Systems Division. The Tucson facility has been set up for rapid turn around proto type engineering. The facility is manned for the design, manufacture and test of harnesses and cables. In addition, this facility provides a repair facility which includes the following: Diagnosis, Test, Encapsulation and Over Braid for harnesses and cables for their Customer.

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